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  3. Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima-Pref.

Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima-Pref.

Higashi-Hiroshima is next to Hiroshima-city,


Maeda Koichi sensei.  


Hachihonmatsu Judo Club

Judo Environment

In host town, there are 5 junior Judo clubs, 4 junior high school Judo clubs, 1 high school judo clubs, 2 university Judo clubs, so totally, 13 Judo clubs. Also there are a lot of judo clubs in Hiroshima-city, next to Higashi-Hiroshima city.

Junior Judo Clubs
  • Hachihonmatsu Judo Club
  • Kurose Judo Club(WEB)
  • Saijo Jushinkan Judo Club(WEB)
  •  Takaya Judo Club(WEB)
  • Toyosaka-town Judo Club
University Judo club
  • Hiroshima University Judo Club (WEB, Facebook)
  • Hiroshima International University Judo Club (facebook)

Judo Game

There are Judo games every month in Hiroshima city, and you can join in it.

Two foreign Judo players joined in this game on March 2017






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