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Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima-Pref.

Higashi-Hiroshima is next to Hiroshima-city in Hiroshima Pref.

In 2017, Hiroshima has 176 judo clubs and 2951 judo members; pre-school kids 68, elementary school kids 744, junior high school kids 427, high school kids 368, university students 190, Adult 499, instructors 655.



Maeda Koichi sensei

He is a instructor of Hachihonmatsu Judo club.  When he was junior high school and high school student, he practiced judo hard. After graduating high school, he went to Spain.  He wanted to be No.1 adventurer in the world, like “Uemura Naomi”, famous Japanese adventurer, so he tried to cross the Eurasian Continent on food from Spain to China. he had walked from Spain to Turkey for about 1.5 years  but unfortunately the 1991 Gulf War happened, so he could not go beyond Turkey. When he crossed EURO,  he was invited judo clubs and play Judo with people there.  These experiences led him to support international Judo exchange.


Hachihonmatsu Judo Club

Judo Environment

In Higashi-Hiroshima city, there are 5 junior Judo clubs, 4 junior high school Judo clubs, 1 high school judo clubs, 2 university Judo clubs, so totally, 13 Judo clubs. Also there are a lot of judo clubs in Hiroshima-city, next to Higashi-Hiroshima city.

Junior Judo Clubs in Higashi-Hiroshima city
  • Hachihonmatsu Judo Club
  • Kurose Judo Club(WEB)
  • Saijo Jushinkan Judo Club(WEB)
  •  Takaya Judo Club(WEB)
  • Toyosaka-town Judo Club
University Judo club in Higashi-Hiroshima city
  • Hiroshima University Judo Club (WEB, Facebook)
  • Hiroshima International University Judo Club (facebook)

Judo Game

There are Judo games every month in Hiroshima city.

Two foreign Judo players joined in this game on March 2017





Past Project

  • March 2017 from USA

Related Information

Judo Federation
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