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Ube, Yamaguchi Pref.

Ube is in Yamaguchi Pref., Chugoku region.

In 2017, Yamaguchi Pref.has 139 Judo clubs and 2056 judo members; pre-school kids 51, elementary school kids 544, junior high school kids 351, high school kids 261, university students 163, adults 254, instructors 429.

Ube city is the 3rd largest city in Yamaguchi Pref., 1st, Yamaguchi city, and 2nd, Shimonoseki city.



Yamane Tomohiko sensei

He is a high school teacher and representative and founder of “Boseikan”, his private Dojo. He think that international Judo exchange has great educational effect for students,so he has doing international Judo exchange especially with USA and Australia for a long time.


Boseikan /望星館

Judo Environment

Ube city has 8 judo clubs and there are a lot of judo clubs in neighborhood.

High school in Ube city
  • Ube technical high school Judo Club (only boy)
  • Ube commercial high school Judo Club (only girl)
  • Onoda high technical high school Judo club(only boy)
Junior high school in Ube city
  • Tokiwa junior high school (only boy)
Junior Judo club in Ube city
  • Ube Budokan judo Club
  • Ube Chuo Meisei Judo Club
  • Ube Police Station Judo Club
  • SIS Judo club

Judo Game



You can stay at Yamane sensei’s big house.

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