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Shikokuchuo, Ehime Pref.

Shikokuchuo is in Eastern Ehime Pref. , Shikoku region.

Ehime has 117 judo clubs and 2776 judo members; pre-school kid 61, elementary school kids 666, junior high school kids 491, high school kids 436, university students 54, adults 663, instructors 405.


Nagano Toshihide sensei

He is a representative and a founder of ” Universal Judo Academy”. Before he founded this club, he taught Judo in a ordinary judo club and raise a lot of strong athletes by providing strict lessons. But he felt a sense of crisis because not a few kids who are not strong left Judo and it is difficult for children with developmental disorder to join in their lessons. so he founded “Universal Judo Academy” so that both typical children and children with developmental disorder can enjoy Judo together.


Universal Judo Academy

Judo Environment

There are several judo clubs in Shikoku-Chuo city.

Judo Game

2019/12 Ehime Pref. Women class-by-class Judo Championships  あいテレビ杯愛媛県女子柔道体重別選手権大会


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