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Wakayama, Wakayama Pref.

Wayama city is in Wakayama Pref. , Kinki region.

In 2017, Wakayama Pref. has 101 judo clubs and 1511 judo members;pre-school 23, elementary school kids 472, junior high school kids 411, high school kids 241, university students 19, Adults 126, instructors 219.

Wakayama city is about 1 hour from Oasaka city by train, about 40 minutes from international Kansai airprot by train.


Kusuyama Mitsukazu sensei

He is a coach of Special Olympics Judo in Wakayama.



Matsubara Takemasa sensei

He is a instructor of a judo club in Wakayama city.



Judo Environment

There are a lot of Judo clubs in Wakayama city and neighborhood.

Judo Game




Past Project

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Judo Federaiton
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