Let’s promote international judo exchange!

Looking for a Judo Dojo in Japan? We can help you!

The non-profit-organization “judo3.0” wants to assist foreign judo clubs experience training in judo clubs in Japan.

1. Background

Judo was created in Japan in 1882, and has since spread worldwide. Many people want to practice judo in Japan because of its origin, and the quality of the instruction. There are more than 8,000 judo clubs in Japan,but most foreign judo practitioners don’t have opportunities to access them. It is difficult for them to find out which clubs will accept them as visitors, and there are few ways to get information or obtain help in this regard. On the other hand, the number of judo practitioners in Japan has been decreasing rapidly. The total number of elementary, junior high, and high school students in Japan was approximately 134,000 in 2005, but declined to 94,000 in 2015. It has declined by about 30 per cent over ten years. Many judo instructors know that they must do something to improve judo education, and some of them are interested in international judo exchange because it has a good educational effect. But it is difficult for them to connect with foreign judo practitioners who want to practice in Japan. Judo3.0 was started to help foreign judo practitioners connected with Japanese judo clubs.

2. Purpose

In addition to the enjoyment of competition, Judo offers the opportunity for players to connect with partners who may not speak their language, and depend on Judo as a tool of non-verbal communication.

Judo has the potential of allowing people to communicate with, and understand each other, without spoken language for three reasons. One, Judo is practiced face-to-face, which means constant physical proximity. Two, Judo involves physical contact, which involves not only proximity, but physical contact. Three, the practice of Judo requires sharing a philosophy and trust with your partner. Learning Judo requires discipline and an understanding of its philosophy, which translates into our day-to-day behaviour. When these qualities are felt by Judoka, it makes for mutual understanding and creation of positive relationships.

As the world becomes globalized and interdependent, mutual understanding among people with different ideas seems to be getting harder to achieve. We need a new way to educate people on how to coexist. We believe that international judo exchange is one of the best way to spread mutual understanding, and develop the ability in children to collaborate with different people and judo clubs.

3. team

Judo3.0 has more than 200 volunteers and judo instructors who are able to coordinate judo trainings for foreign judo practitioners in their own regions in Japan. Judo3.0 takes requests from foreign judo instructors who want to take their students to Japan, and connects them with partners in Japan.

4. Contact information

Web : https://en.judo3.org/
E-mail. info@judo3.org
Facebook: XXX

About judo 3.0

  • Establishment year : January 2015, (Juridical personality, 25 October 2017)
  • Founder and Representative director: Sakai Shigeyoshi
  • Director :Oishi Kohei, Hasegawa Masahito, Nagano Toshihide
  • Auditor: Watanabe Joji
  • Member: more than 200 members,  most of them are local judo instructors.
  • Head office address : Onagawa-303 Onagawahama, Onagawa-chō, Oshika-gun, Miyagi-ken, Japan