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Yokohama, Kanagawa-Pref.

Yokohama city is the second largest city in Japan,  prefectural capital of Kanagawa Pref. and near Tokyo city.


In 2017, Kanagawa Pref. has  339 judo clubs and 6711 members; pre-school kids 60, elementary school kids 1653, junior high school kids 1790, high school kids 828, university students 305, Adults 1103, instructors 972.


Hasegawa Masahito sensei

he was the national judo coach of Morocco about 30 years ago. He has helped a lot of foreign Judokas to practice Judo in Japan for a long while.




Yokohama Saturday Judo Club

Judo Environment

There are a lot of Judo clubs in Yokohama city and neighborhood.

Judo Game


There are hotels in Yokohama city and neighborhood.

Past Project

  • March 2017 from USA
  • January 2018 from Norway
  • July 2018  from Poland
  • March  2019 from Czech

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