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Shimokawa, Hokkaido Pref.

Shimokawa-town is in Northern Hokkaido Pref.  Hokkaido Pref. is northern part of Japan, the largest Pref. in Japan and very popular for tourists because of rich nature and delicious food.

In 2017, Hokkaido Pref. has 349 clubs and  6,713 registered judo members; pre-school kids 102 、elementary school kids 1,897, junior high school kids 1,160, high school kids 1,003, university students 553, Adult 490, instructors 1,508.


Daido Takashi sensei






Shimokawa Judo Club 下川柔道スポーツ少年団




Judo Environment

Shimokawa town is small city, there is one judo club “Shimokawa Judo Club”,  but if you visit here, you can play judo in Northern Hokkaido, Sapporo-city (capital of Hokkaido Pref. ), Asahikawa-city and Wakkanai-city (the northernmost city in Japan).  Each city has a lot of judo club, so the coordinator recommends that you stay at each city several days and practice various people in Hokkaido Pref.


Asahikawa Ryukoku High School Judo Club (Blog) 旭川龍谷高校 柔道部

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