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Shibecha, Hokkaido Pref.

Shibecha-spot is in Hokkaido prefecture, a northern end of Japan. It is a small town with a population of about 7000 people, however  Judo is popular because there is “Shibecha Judo club”, where there are a lot of strong and kind children, your host.   Hokkaido is  famous as a sightseeing spot in Japan, so you can find a lot of aspect of Japanese culture which can not be found in big city. If you want to make close relationship with Japanese people and enjoy great Japanese mother nature , please come to this spot !

Coordinator : Satoshi Yoshida sensei

My father was a teacher of the judo club “Chibecha Judo Club” which I am operating now,so I had practice judo since I was a small child. After becoming an adult, I worked outside my hometown, however my father died young and this club was in danger of disappearing, so I was succeeded to my father’s mission , came back to my hometown and start to rebuild this club. It has been around 15 years since then. It is my pleasure to see the children growing through Judo.I want children to know that they can spread their own world if they do their best and I want them to do their best to expand their world, no matter where they go. This area, Chibecha-town, is country side, so there are wonderful Japanese mother nature. And we have close relationship with people in town, so not only our judo friends but also the people of the town welcome you!  Since we have a common culture called judo, we can spend a wonderful time and we can spread our world together.  Best Regards,  Satoshi Yoshida,  Representative of Shibecya judo club

Host : Shibecha Judo Club

Shibecha Judo Club

Judo Environment

In Shibecha-town, There are 2 judo clubs,  one is “Chibecha Judo club” for Age: 6~16, the other is the high school judo club for Age: 16~18. Also in Kushiro city, next to Shibecha town, there are 15 judo clubs.

  • Taiheiyou Butokukan Judo Club 太平洋武徳館  (FB)
  • Kushiro Asahimachi Judo Club 釧路旭町柔道スポーツ少年団(FB
  • Senjukai Judo Club 釧柔会Jr. (FB)
  • Shiranuka Judo club 白糠柔道スポーツ少年団(FB)

Judo Game

Beginning of July 2019

There are the Judo game for Age:6~15 in the beginning of July. About 300 participants join in it and foreign Judo players can join.





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