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Shibecha, Hokkaido Pref.

Shibecha is in Eastern Hokkaido Pref.

Hokkaido Pref. is northern part of Japan, the largest Pref. in Japan and very popular for tourists because of rich nature and delicious food. In 2017, Hokkaido Pref. has 349 judo clubs and 6,713 registered judo members; pre-school kids 102 、elementary school kids 1,897, junior high school kids 1,160, high school kids 1,003, university students 553, Adult 490, instructors 1,508.

Shibecha is a small town with a population of about 7000 people,  it’s next to Kushiro city, the fifth largest city in Hokkaido Pref.  Your host “Shibecha Judo Club” is very popular in the town and good community.  You can find a lot of aspect of Japanese culture which can not be found in big city.



Satoshi Yoshida sensei

My father was a teacher of the judo club “Chibecha Judo Club” which I am operating now,so I had practice judo since I was a small child. After becoming an adult, I worked outside my hometown, however my father died young and this club was in danger of disappearing, so I was succeeded to my father’s mission , came back to my hometown and start to rebuild this club. It has been around 15 years since then. It is my pleasure to see the children growing through Judo.I want children to know that they can spread their own world if they do their best and I want them to do their best to expand their world, no matter where they go. This area, Chibecha-town, is country side, so there are wonderful Japanese mother nature. And we have close relationship with people in town, so not only our judo friends but also the people of the town welcome you!  Since we have a common culture called judo, we can spend a wonderful time and we can spread our world together.  Best Regards,  Satoshi Yoshida,  Representative of Shibecya judo club


Shibecha Judo Club

Judo Environment

In Shibecha-town, There are 2 judo clubs,  one is “Shibecha Judo club” and  the other is the high school judo club. Kushiro city, which is next to Shibecha town, has about 15 judo clubs.

Judo Game

There are one judo game every beginning of July  held by Shibecha Judo club, so Foreign Judo player can join in.


Social Educational Facility

You can stay at Shibecha Budokan, which is a dojo and a tarining center. It’s very cheap.

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