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Yorii, Saitama Pref.

Yorii is in Northern Saitama Pref., which is a part of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In 2017, Saitama Pref. has 360 judo clubs and 7627 members; pre-school kids 117, elementary school kids 2137, junior high school kids 1550, high school kids 912, university students 351, Adults 1326,  Instructors 1234.

Yorii is about 1.5 hours from Tokyo by train.


Kasahara Norio sensei

He is the founder and representative of Obusuma Judo Club.  When he was young, He studied in Australia and made great relationship with people through Judo, so after back to Japan, he has continued international Judo exchange between this area and Australia and he has helped not only Australian people but also foreign judo people  to practice Judo in Japan.


Obusuma Judo Club

Judo Environment

There are a lot of Judo clubs in Yorii-town and neighborhood. Australian Youth national team often practiced here. Also you can go to Tokyo and practice there.

Judo Game



Social education facility

there are a lot of Hotels.

Past Project

  • Australian Youth national team often practiced here.
  • Summer 2017 from Canada

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