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  3. Yorii, Saitama Pref.

Yorii, Saitama Pref.

Yorioi towan  is 1.5 hours from Tokyo.


Kasahara Norio sensei

He is the founder and representative of Obusuma Judo Club.  One of  the famous Japanese Women Judo Athletes, Chizuru Arai is from this club. When he was young, He studied in Australia and made great relationship with people through Judo, so after back to Japan, he has continued international Judo exchange between this area and Australia and he has helped not only Australian people but also foreign judo people  to practice Judo in Japan.


Obusuma Judo Club

Judo Environment

There are a lot of Judo clubs.  Australian Youth national team has sometimes practiced here.


Social education facility

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